Advance appointments or short notice

As any business person will tell you, meticulous planning is a key component of success. This applies to all aspects of life not just business. Our clients have their lives planned out for them months and even years in advance and so making time to relax and enjoy a break is a crucial element that should not be overlooked. At Very High End, our elite London escorts are usually booked with a great deal of advance notice, especially since they provide the high class companionship to upscale events and occasions within the annual social calendars of high society. Our prestigious London escort agency strongly recommends that plans are made in advance since we wish to avoid any disappointment for our valued clients, old and new.

Of course we are a flexible establishment and realise that sometimes a short notice appointment is required and needed and where possible we always aim to fulfil our clients’ needs however in the case of some of our International escorts, short notice and last minute appointments are not always possible and indeed where clients expect to enjoy the company of an accomplished beauty, should not be expected.

In London, as in many of the world’s most vibrant cities, restaurants and entertainment venues are usually booked in advance. It is difficult to obtain last minute reservations even for the most successful and celebrated in society. Whilst we aim to accommodate our clients’ needs, we do so on the understanding that our ladies have their own rituals in preparation and will always present themselves as the image of perfection. Perfection cannot be rushed!

A great deal of time and consideration goes into each date. Our high class London escorts like to ensure that they have spent time purchasing the perfect outfit and accessories suitable to the event itself. Beauticians are consulted and their artistry perfected so that each date is enjoyed to its fullest. Our clients appreciate, even if they are not aware of the effort and thought that is invested in each tryst and this does not include making arrangements for the venues and entertainment choices that the couple will enjoy. If you have plans to enjoy an encounter with any of our elite London escorts we highly recommend that preparations are made with as much advance notice as possible in order to avoid any possible disappointment.


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