Savoir- vivre

Savoir Vivre is the observance of etiquette and the adherence to the rules of polite society or manners and social graces as they are otherwise known. Social etiquette can be a minefield of rules that can trip many people up causing them to commit social faux pas and embarrassing those who respect the correct and proper behaviour that is expected in various social situations.  Our elite escorts at Very High End are schooled in social etiquette and are the epitome of polished perfection regardless of the situation.

With principles akin to a Swiss finishing school, our elite escorts make a positive first impression every time and with every person. All our elite escorts are knowledgeable and accomplished in a number of skills and influences making them a credible and cultured companion for a variety of encounters. Whether you want to spend a day at the races, enjoy a regatta or have a gilt edged invitation to the Vienna ball, our elite escort girls are the perfect partners and will reflect on your elevated status and cement your position as a person of high standing.

At Very High End escort agency all of our elite London escorts, regardless of where they hail from in the world have a deep understanding and appreciation for global customs. Their image as a companion of beauty is only enhanced by their stance and gracious manners in all situations. Society demands that certain standards are maintained and our elite escorts understand all forms of social address and introductions so that they exude confidence when entertaining or being entertained.

Many of our clients hail from ‘polite society’ and regularly attend events where social etiquette still prevails. Our elite escorts understand English and international dining protocols amongst other talents and so are ideal companions, no matter how highbrow the event. Our elite escorts are blessed with grace and sophistication as well as the poise and serenity to make all encounters a complete success. 


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